Positively supporting employee engagement and wellbeing

Work PositiveCI is a FREE State and stakeholder supported psychosocial risk management
process that helps organisations identify ways to improve employee wellbeing.

Use Work PositiveCI to improve employee wellbeing

Work PositiveCI is a completely confidential psychosocial risk management process. It involves a ‘whole workforce’ approach which can be rolled out over a three to six month period and be re-used every few years.

Identify and measure psychosocial risk including critical incident exposure

Work PositiveCI assesses workplace stressors, employee psychological wellbeing and critical incident exposure in the workplace. If not properly managed these stressors can lead to poor mental health and wellbeing, increased sickness absence, presenteesim and lower productivity.

Receive actionable feedback

It provides easy-to-understand online reports, identifies risk areas and provides clear guidance on ways to improve employee wellbeing, enabling focused action to be taken. Work PositiveCI provides specific support and guidance in addressing critical incident exposure in the workplace.


Improve performance

Work PositiveCI can lead to high impact results, such as reducing sickness absence and turnover, and increasing employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity.


Comply with current legislation

Work PositiveCI helps employers comply with health and safety legislation at a national and European level. Employers are obliged under the Irish Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 to ensure safe places of work for all employees, which covers mental as well as physical health and safety.


Free and easy to use

There is no software to download. The surveys take ten to fifteen minutes to complete. You can log in to create surveys, access your response rates and view results 24/7, using any Wi-Fi enabled device. The surveys are completely FREE to use.



Work PositiveCI is completely confidential. The data is processed by an independent service provider in compliance with applicable Data Protection legislation.


The four stages of Work PositiveCI

The Work PositiveCI process is aligned with the Psychosocial Risk Management European Framework (Prima-EF). Work PositiveCI is the first psychosocial risk management process specific to critical incidents in Europe.
Stage 1. Prepare
  • Secure stakeholder commitment
  • Create your Steering Group
  • Create your project plan
  • Choose your version of Work PositiveCI



Stage 2. Measure
  • Consider employee profiles and roles
  • Deploy Work PositiveCI survey(s)
  • Assess workforce outcome indicators
  • Assess current support measures and resources
Stage 3. Action Plan
  • Communicate survey results
  • Prioritise issues
  • Create your action plan
  • Secure final commitment
  • Launch your plan


Stage 4. Review
  • Evaluate success measures
  • Monitor on-going performance
  • Determine overall success and areas to improve




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Work PositiveCI case studies

Find out how the Irish Prison Service and Eli Lilly have used the Work PositiveCI to improve working conditions within their organisations. 
Creative, Modern, Colourful survey reports
What does it assess?

Depending on the version you choose to run, Work PositiveCI may involve you measuring workplace stressors, employee psychological wellbeing, critical incident exposure, as well as considering workplace performance indicators (e.g. absenteeism, turnover).

What do I have to do?

Work PositiveCI is easy to administer, completely confidential and produces results.


Sign up for your free account

2. Follow the Work PositiveCI process

Work your way through the four-stages of Work PositiveCI

3. Create your survey

Log in and create your survey within the Survey Admin tab

4. Distribute your survey

You can distribute your survey electronically or by paper

5. Use reports to build an action plan

Use online survey reports to help create your action plan

6. Launch your action plan!

Launch your action plan and improve employee wellbeing!


State and stakeholder supported

Work PositiveCI is brought to you by the Health and Safety AuthorityState Claims Agency and CISM Network Ireland.


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